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Emission Testing Services, Inc. (ETS), would like to provide environmental testing for your company. Information is being provided so that you will feel confident with ETS's qualifications.

ETS employs full-time employees in the administrative section of the organization. All calibrations and functions directly related to source sampling are performed in-house by ETS's full time staff.

ETS performs all Appendix A EPA reference methods and NESHAPS. In addition, ETS performs "Incinerator Trial Burns", BACT testing, and hot zone characterizations. ETS uses and prefers continuous analyzers to measure NOx, SO2, CO, O2, THC, TNMHC, specific organics and total reduced sulfur; however, we routinely use the wet chemical techniques as well. In addition to state and EPA reference methods, ETS performs numerous non-routine studies such as fence-line monitoring for specific pollutants, efficiency studies for product recovery and combustion as well as SARAH title III, BIF and air toxic studies.

Emission Testing Services, Inc. certifies continuous emission monitor systems by Performance Specification Testing and maintains certifications on CEMS by employing Appendix F or an abbreviated version thereof. BIF certifications are also performed on a routine basis.

Emission Testing Services, Inc. can perform audits on internal combustion engines (ICU) with a portable analyzer which has been approved by the state of Louisiana regulatory agency.

ETS provides on site analysis for Method 5 when applicable. We send our other samples out to independent laboratories. In addition, ETS discusses laboratory preference and analytical techniques with the client and the appropriate regulatory officials before testing commences. At any rate, all samples are analyzed using reference method protocols.

Emission Testing Services, Inc. provides all reports according to state and EPA requirements.

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